Little City, Big Impact

ImageYesterday, as an intern at The Abbi Agency, I had the privilege of attending the kickoff event for Reno’s new rebranding effort as the “Biggest Little City.”

A grassroots team, including some members of The Abbi Agency, decided they no longer like the world’s perception of Reno. They joined together to raise their own voices and make the world realize what Reno truly is.

And just what is Reno? It is a community. It is a group of individuals, each with their own story. It is filled with people who each have their own reason to be in Reno, and their own passions and struggles.

Listening to each of the incredible speakers present their campaign got me thinking about myself as a part of this community. As a college student from Las Vegas here at UNR, I’ve really only thought of Reno as my temporary location. I figured that after my four years, I would find a job elsewhere and move on.

But somewhere along the way, I really did fall in love with this city. I am an individual who has become a part of this community. I love Reno, and can’t picture my life without it. So many aspects of this city have made me love it and have changed me forever.

Here are some of the reasons why I’m hooked on the #BiggestLittleCity:



Growing up in Vegas, you really only get used to one type of weather: HOT. I have been living in 110 degree summers (that go on for 6 months) for as long as I can remember.

Reno is the complete opposite. Here, I get to experience ALL FOUR SEASONS. That is a huge, exciting thing for me! I love watching the leaves change and feeling the weather get cooler through fall, or playing in the snow on my front lawn in winter. Yes, sometimes we experience all four seasons in one day…but the Reno weather never gets boring!

Since living here, I don’t think I’ll be able to move anywhere that ignores certain seasons. I just enjoy the change in weather too much to give it up.


Endless Activities

This was the biggest surprise for me. Growing up in Vegas, you would expect that I would have more to do there. But, for somebody who was always under 21 years old, Vegas is really a boring tease. I was so surprised at all of the random things you can do in Reno, and nearby!

Like Vegas, Reno has clubs and gambling (which I have finally gotten to enjoy). But beyond that, there are so many other fun activities to do. Hiking, floating the river, laying by the beach in Tahoe, Aces games, and playing outside in the summer; snowboarding in Tahoe, ice skating, and playing in the snow in the winter, just to name a few. And if I ever get bored or want to do something new, San Francisco, Napa, and many other cool cities are within 3-4 hours!

Plus, there are a ton of fun events that happen here. The Rib Cook-Off, Hot August Nights, wine walks, beer crawls, ArtTown, Earth Day, Food Truck Fridays, the Rodeo…there is honestly ALWAYS some sort of special event to take part in (or go eat yummy food at). The community feeling I get at every event I go to is incredible, and I never want to leave that.


County Music

Speaking of the Rodeo, I’ve never been. This year’s rodeo will be my first, and I CAN’T WAIT! But last year, most of my friends went (while I was home in Vegas) and they got what I call the “Country bug”.

My whole life, I really haven’t liked country music. But when I came back to Reno last summer, I had no choice besides embracing country music (or making new friends). Since then, I’ve been hooked on it! I can proudly say I am attending the Rodeo, Night in the Country, AND a Luke Bryan concert this summer. I’ve gone country!


Amazing People

When I first moved here freshman year, one of my friends and I were walking around campus and he told me “step out into the middle of the road, anywhere.” I wasn’t sure what he meant but I did what he said, and every car coming my way stopped as soon as I stepped off the sidewalk.

That’s when I realized how friendly the people in Reno are. Had I stepped into the road in Vegas (or any other large city), I would’ve easily been roadkill. People here, in my experience, genuinely care about other people. They care about others’ days and situations, and really love making a difference for others.

Since that first day I have become close with so many of the incredible people up here, and I’ve made a family-away-from-home with many of them. From sorority sisters to co-workers, neighbors to classmates, I have met more amazing people than I could have imagined. I could never picture my life without these people, and many of them have forever impacted who I am.


All in all…Reno has impacted me so much more than I ever thought possible. Even if it does end up being my temporary location, the Biggest Little City will be with me for the rest of my life.


3 thoughts on “Little City, Big Impact

  1. Great post about Reno and its rebranding movement. I look forward to hearing more about its development. As Bay Area transplant to the area I too originally didn’t consider Reno to be a long-term residences. I live in Lake Tahoe and simply appreciated it as a convenient neighbor. However, while attending Grad school at UNR for my MBA the past three years I have really fallen in love in Reno. I too agree with your reasons above – especially the numerous events, small business and people.

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