Vine-ing Your Brand


{Please excuse the links rather than embedded video. WordPress does not allow Vines to be embedded within posts…yet!}

One of my favorite things about our industry is that it is constantly changing. As soon as you’ve mastered one type of social media, website, or fad, it seems like something new appears to shake everything up. That’s one of the biggest reasons I decided to go into Public Relations – nothing ever stays the same long enough for you to get bored of!

Enter Vine: the next “new thing”. The video-sharing app, made by Twitter, became available at the end January 2013. It has become wildly popular in its four short months of existence. I personally heard of it in March, but even since then I have seen a big increase of people I personally know who are using it. It’s fun, quick, easy-to-use, and different than any type of app I’ve seen elsewhere.

So, what’s it do?

Vine lets users upload videos. Or rather, video clips – each post has a maximum of six seconds of footage, which loop continuously once they’re posted. To make a post, users simply record video with their phone through the app. A user records by holding their finger on the screen, and ends the recording when they release their finger. The cool part is that it crops as many little clips together as the user decides to include. This can make for a very interesting (but sometimes disorienting) video.

Here’s one of my friends’ Vines as an example. She caught each of us hitting a fountain one at a time:

I think that Vine will become even more widely used and loved because it adds another aspect to sharing your experiences. Instagram gives you the opportunity to share and filter pictures, generally of things you’re doing in the moment. Twitter lets you post an endless stream of your thoughts and short blurbs as they happen. But with Vine, you are able to give people a full taste of your current experience, with sound and moving pictures included.

Alright it’s fun…but practical for brands?

This new resource is invaluable for companies building their brand through social media. What other app lets their audience see, hear, and almost feel whatever experience you are trying to give them, absolutely free of charge? I think that every company should take the time to learn Vine and use it as another way to connect with their audience.

When you’re putting together Vines for a brand, there are some key things to keep in mind. Here are some examples of how companies are using Vine well:

1. Being engaging and interactive.

Vines should be fun and entertaining, not disorienting or annoying. Taco Bell has done a great job of posting entertaining content that gets their followers involved in their Vines. Here, they teach users how to make a rose out of their sauce packets for an impromptu Mothers’ Day gift.

2. NOT using the posts as annoying commercials.

I LOVE all of the Vines posted by Trident Gum. They never directly advertise for their gum in their Vines. Instead, they post creative videos that show their product but don’t feel at all like an advertisement. In this post, my favorite of theirs, they use Trident gum for a game of Jenga.

3. Putting in time and quality.

Vine is such a great tool because it can create essentially a short advertisement for a brand while costing virtually nothing in time or money. That being said, you should take time to come up with an idea for your Vines…don’t just throw something together. Target did a great job of this, and put together an awesome summer scene with Lite Brites.

I love Vine, and am excited for it to keep growing in popularity. At any rate it is a new social media, and another valuable tool to build a brand and interact with your audience.


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