Working the Quirks


I saw this quote a couple of weeks ago at a Starbucks here in Reno, and it really stuck with me. Even though this statement was made by Phillip Lim, a fashion designer, about putting together outfits, it seems completely appropriate for personalities, too. It made me think about how our quirks are what really individualize each of us. At the foundation of our character, they are one of the things that set us apart and make us fun, interesting, dynamic people. This is especially important to realize in Public Relations – people and brands can and should be quirky. Building off of those quirks can help set a brand apart and make it stand out. 

I am definitely a very quirky person. My friends sometimes call me “weird,” but I prefer to think that everyone has their own specific quirks. And by accepting this and embracing my quirkiness, I have been able to build the fun, interesting individual that I am today. Here are some of my favorite quirks that make me, me.

1. Waking up at eights

Whenever I set my alarm to wake up in the morning, I always set it to a time ending in eight. For instance, I wake up at 5:58 instead of 6:00, or 6:28 instead of 6:30. A lot of people think that this is very strange and do not understand it whatsoever. But eight is my favorite number. Waking up on an eight gets me out of bed in a better mood, and usually gives me a better day. This is a completely mental, superstitious thing, but it’s an easy way to brighten my day and it’s been my habit for years now.

2. Having the tiniest bladder in the world

I get really embarrassed by this, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I have to run to the bathroom every day at least once per hour, and sometimes even more often than that. Since there’s nothing I can really do to change this fact, I’ve decided to embrace it. The frequent bathroom breaks I take give me a nice moment to step back from my day and take a little “me” time. They let me step away from my work or school and clear my head, which I sometimes desperately need to do.

3. Being a teenybopper

This is generally why my friends call me weird. I sometimes have the tendency to act like a four-year-old Disney princess freak…but I’m completely okay with that. So what if I am obsessed with Disney movies, “bop” when I walk places, or sing instead of talk sometimes? This teenybopper attitude brightens my day and, quite frankly, makes my life a lot more fun. And anyways, growing up is seriously overrated.

4. Popping my toes

A lot of people are double-jointed in different places on their body…but I have this blessing in my toes. I can pop them on their own…almost like I am rolling them or something. If I do it on a hard surface, it makes a loud cracking noise that is very fun and satisfying. It really freaks a lot of people out…but I think it’s cool! It’s a trait that I got from my mom so it’s almost like I’m carrying on my family’s quirks.

What are some of your favorite quirks? The little oddities that have shaped your character? Hold onto those…don’t let anybody try to take them away from you. They are uniquely yours.


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